The Role and Duties of the Pharmacy Technician in the Allied Health Field

Are you considering a career that is fast paced and about to explode in the near future? If so, consider becoming a pharmacy technician in the allied health field. This is a job that has a great deal of potential and you will find that there is a great deal of room for promotion and job satisfaction. Pharmacy techs work in locations that are as varied as hospitals, medical stores, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retail and mail order pharmacies. They will also work in health and personal care stores as well. Take some time and learn about the role that a pharmacy technician plays and the duties that he or she fulfills. The first thing that you need to remember is that the general title of pharmacy tech is one that can encompass very different positions and responsibilities depending on where you work. For instance, if you are a pharmacy technician who works in a hospital or in a drug store, your job will require a lot more customer service than dealing with a mail order position. You will also find that if you choose to work in a nursing home or in an assisted care facility that your duties will relate to personal care as well as dealing with medication. All that being said, what are the general duties that you are going to be expected to fulfill? You will need to receive and verify the prescriptions that the customers give you, whether you are working in a hospital or in retail store. You will need to do the same even if you are working in a mail order medical supply store. You will need to prepare the medication for the client. This usually means mixing up the pills that are required, counting the pills, and then labeling the bottles. Though this might sound like simple labor, the truth of the matter is that a high degree of preparation needs to be upheld and accuracy is of the utmost importance. When that is done, you are also going to need to price the prescriptions for the client. This is something that does take a fair amount of attention to detail and if there is a problem, you are going to need to consult with the head pharmacist, who can give or deny approval. Depending on what sort of office work you are going to be doing and where you are going to be working, you will also need to work on patient paperwork as well as insurance claims. You will need to deal with insurance agencies and to determine the correct course of payment for all the people involved. You may also need to be called upon to work on inventory and to figure out what medications need to be stocked. It is hard to cover all the duties of a pharmacy technician in a short article like this. Take some time to learn more about this rewarding profession and see whether it is going to be for you. You should do this by visiting sites that give more in-depth details on the career. Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the links should be clickable. Published at: